House Republicans are proposing big budget cuts. Of course, some things are getting cut more than others.* See that line near the bottom of the list?

Family Planning -$327M

That's the entire budget for the Title X family planning assistance program. The Title X program helps about 5 million people per year access family planning services (and thus, in many cases, avoid abortions).

Although many people believe that "family planning" is synonymous with "Planned Parenthood," note that PP received $16.9 million, or 5.7%, of the $297 million Title X budget in 2009. Most of the recipients are public health departments and other entities that do not perform abortions.

If you are a U.S. citizen, please contact your representative via email or call the House switchboard at (202) 224-3121. Ask your representative to vote "No" on the elimination of Title X family planning funding.

* I have Opinions about many of the cuts they're proposing as well as the ones they're not, but I'm trying to stay reasonably on-topic here.


  1. Not only are the Republicans seeking to eliminate the domestic family planning budget, they want to cut international family planning assistance by almost 40%!

    Never mind that there is already a shortage of reproductive health supplies among the global poor.

    So please mention this too if you contact your Congressperson.