Mission and vision

Mission statement

The mission of All Our Lives is to oppose the violence of abortion in accordance with our core principles of economic justice, racial justice, prevention, the consistent life ethic, and anti-carceralism by

  • Producing educational materials highlighting the ways in which various forms of injustice intersect and combine to threaten the lives and well-being of both unborn children and their mothers;
  • Amplifying the voices of marginalized people working for nonviolent reproductive justice;
  • Serving as a clearinghouse for information, commentary, and action alerts;
  • Advocating for policies that serve the needs of both women and any children they might have, born or unborn; and
  • Engaging in dialogue, debate, and cooperative action with organizations and individuals who share some or all of our concerns.

Vision statement

There is a glaring lack of organizations that work within a reproductive justice–informed framework but also consider human beings prior to birth as subjects in need of and deserving of justice. We believe that the reproductive justice and consistent life ethic perspectives combined offer the best hope for a holistic, pro-human movement that works for the best interests of both women and children without asking for either to be sacrificed. This, in turn, makes it the most just and sustainable approach.