The UNFPA blog Conversations for a Better World has announced the winner in its contest for best idea on contraceptive access for the 200 million plus women worldwide who want but lack it.

It's us!

Our proposal will be featured for a month on the website of Women Deliver, the just-concluded global conference on reducing maternal deaths.

Winning Idea: Access to Contraception Begins with Questions on the Ground

Please spread the news. It's not every day that the pro every life, pro nonviolent choice approach gets a hearing!

How best to serve the 200 million plus women worldwide who want but lack access to family planning? The UNFPA-sponsored blog Conversations for a Better World is running a contest for the best idea. Please vote for All Our Lives' entry! The winning idea will be presented at the upcoming Women Deliver conference for action against maternal mortality.


Access to contraception begins with questions on the ground

Via UNFPA's Conversations for a Better World: In Nebraska, prolifers and prochoicers are demanding truly universal prenatal care. It includes undocumented immgrants. May this be the wave of the future.

At Conversations for a Better World, a multivoiced blog sponsored by UNFPA, an All Our Lives cofounder defends guaranteed maternity care as a universal human right: It Affects Us All: Maternal Healthcare