What do you mean by “nonviolent choice”?

Nonviolent choice includes, but is not limited to:

  • Whether, when, how, and with whom (among consenting adults) to have sex. Philosophical and religious/spiritual views of sexual ethics for consenting adults are too numerous and divergent for state power to favor and mandate any particular one of them without treading on vital liberties of conscience, expression, association, religion, and privacy.
  • Whether to prevent conception or seek it out. While we recognize the goodness of biological and social parenthood, we recognize equally the goodness of other-than-parental life courses, and the right of individuals to pursue these as desired.
  • Which specific pregnancy prevention method(s) to adopt or not adopt. We are cognizant here of the need for the utmost safeguards against coercive population control, unethical pharmaceutical experimentation, and sterilization abuse.These are all dangers, and dangers with long histories — to the poor, the colonized, people of color/ethnic minorities, and people with disabilities. At the same time, we name as unjust the coercive denial of access to the prevention method(s) of one’s own choosing.
  • Whether, in the event of a pregnancy, to pursue parenting, adoption, guardianship, or some other safe care arrangement. Of course this means the utmost lifelong community support necessary for the exercise of one’s choice.