No more “unless”

One thing the mainstream pro-life movement really likes to do is point at Black pro-lifers, Secular Pro-Life, Democrats for Life, etc. and say “See! We’re diverse!” One thing they really hate to do is learn anything from “diverse” pro-lifers that they don’t already agree with.

For the record: It wasn’t “smart” for the cops who killed Elijah McClain to be more wary of him because he was Black. It was racist, and it cost him his life. HIS LIFE—that thing we’re all supposed to care about. He had every bit as much of a right to life as a skinny, nerdy white kid or an unborn child, and someone being scared of him doesn’t change that.

Refusing to listen to Black people who point out the problems with this kind of thinking, and believing you (as a white person) are the one who should be schooling them on what Black people need—that’s racist too.

Pro-life (unless I’m afraid of you). Pro-life (unless it means inconveniencing myself by wearing a mask). Pro-life (unless you need public assistance to preserve your life and health). This isn’t pro-life at all.


Note to pro-lifers

Regarding a recent blow-up on Twitter:

There is no call to respond to someone raising a point about racial injustice with a lecture about the “real racism” of abortion. None whatsoever.

How does telling Black people they don’t know what racism is help Black babies? It doesn’t. It hurts them by undermining the pro-life cause in the Black community, and it hurts them by perpetuating racism.

You want to talk about the injustices, most definitely including racial injustices, that lead to high rates of abortion among Black women? Great! Attacking a Black man for talking about racism because he doesn’t mention abortion in that tweet is … not that. At all.

Why would anyone listen to you about Black life in the womb unless you have consistently shown yourself to be an ally of Black life outside of it? Seriously, why?