All Our Lives is proud to be a member of Consistent Life; the Reproductive Health Supplies Coalition; and the White Ribbon Alliance for Safe Motherhood; and an endorser of Save the Children’s call for 3.5 million more health workers worldwide. We also have endorsed two declarations on human rights, access, and contraception created in anticipation of the July 2012 worldwide family planning summit in London, England.

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By All Our Lives Cofounder Jen Roth

Babies and Border Fences

The Fallacy of “Justifiable Homicide” (Shared Sacrifice)

Jen Roth-Atheist Against Abortion (Point of Inquiry podcast interview)

Letter to the Department of Health and Human Services

A Primer on Pro-Life Progressivism (originally published in Shared Sacrifice)

By All Our Lives Cofounder Mary Krane Derr

Abortion-reducing alternatives before, during, & after pregnancy–a global guide to resources
Nonviolent Choice Directory
(becoming a project of All Our Lives)

Adoption, foster care, and guardianship
Adopting a Special Needs Child

Legal Grandparents’ Guardianship Rights

Common ground in the abortion debate
Black Genocide?

Columns for On Common Ground at RHRealityCheck

Early feminism
(co-editor with Linda Naranjo-Huebl & Rachel MacNair) The book Prolife Feminism Yesterday and Today (2nd Expanded Edition)
What the First Wave of Feminism Can Teach the First Wave of Common Ground

Environmental health
Ecological Footprint of a Vegan Diet Vs. Carnivorous Diet
Endometriosis: A Reproductive and Environmental Wrong; (Currently offline. Published in Summer 2009, Vol. 4 Issue 9 of Collective Voices, newspaper of SisterSong: Women of Color Reproductive Health Collective.)
Pros & Cons of a Vegetarian Diet

Family planning
Winning Idea: Access to Contraception Begins With Questions on the Ground
Birth Control Pills and Elevated Liver Enzymes
Contraception Reduces Abortion: The Evidence
Effectiveness of Natural Family Planning Methods
Family Planning Communciation Tools
Family Planning for Men
Family Planning Rights
Long Term Family Planning Methods
Methods for Family Planning
Mirena and Triglycerides
Natural Family Planning Made Easy
Oral Contraceptives and Vitamin C
Positive Effects of “Artificial” Family Planning
Resources to Implement a Natural Family Planning Method
Signs of Pregnancy While on the Pill
Wild Yam for Birth Control

Pregnancy & maternity
Affordable Health Insurance That Covers Pregnancy

Development of a Baby in Its Mother’s Womb
Emotional Changes in Infants
Father’s Rights in Teen Pregnancy
Having Children After an Abortion
Hemorrhaging in Childbirth Related to Nutrition
HIV and Children’s Diet
Is It Safe to Get Pregnant With Food Allergies?
Is Nursing While Pregnant Bad for a Baby?
It Affects Us All: Maternal Healthcare (UNFPA’s Conversations for a Better World)
Methods of Delivering a Baby
Nutrition and Fetal Growth
Physical Development in Birth
Physical Effects of Breastfeeding on Mothers
Prenatal Exercise Classes
Prenatal Vitamins: Why You Need Extra Folic Acid, Iron & Essential Nutrients
Safe Skin Care During Pregnancy
Safety of Prenatal Vitamins
Skincare for Pregnant Women
Slow Heart Rate in Mother During Pregnancy
Types of Music Used in Music Therapy for Babies
Vegan Pregnancy Support
Vegan Prenatal Vitamins
Welfare Family Cap Rules
When Does the Fetus Become a Baby?
Why Pregnant Teens Need More Calories
Zinc and the Fetus

Black Genocide?

By All Our Lives Supporters & Other Kindred Spirits

The Creativity of the Foreclosed Option by Rachel MacNair

Effectiveness vs. Rights by LAMom

Letting Our Foremothers Speak by Linda Naranjo-Huebl (Susan B. Anthony Birthplace Museum)

LGBT Phobia Leads to Crisis Pregnancies and Abortions by Cecilia Brown

“Life Will Find a Way to Survive”: An Interview With Ecofeminist Rosalie Bertell

Pro-Life Feminism and Spiritual Diversity (Atheist, Buddhist, Evangelical Christian, Hindu, Jewish, Muslim, Orthodox Christian, Radical Roman Catholic, Quaker, Theosophist/Unitarian, & Goddess Spirituality perspectives)

Stepping Up for Pregnant Women and Unborn Children in Her Own Home: Reflections from Linda Naranjo-Huebl

From Riot Grrrls for Life, a list of “Liberal, Feminist/Pro-Woman, and Atheist/Agnostic/Secular pro-life groups and other links.”