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…because there are, and can be, better ways than abortion.


Why We’re Here

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Why We’re Here

The Nonviolent Choice Directory offers abortion-reducing resources from all over the world, for anyone who may need and benefit from them. We cover:

  • Healing after abortion.
  • Male responsibility. That’s a big one, isn’t it?
  • Sexual and reproductive health education (all aspects, not only abstinence).
  • Pregnancy prevention through the method(s) of one’s own choosing (again, including but not limited to abstinence).
  • Life-affirming support for both the women and children of crisis pregnancy–before, during, and after birth. This section includes resources on ethical crisis pregnancy support services; mother & child health; parenting & childrearing; adoption, foster care, & guardianship; food & nutrition; clothing; shelter; finances & income; education; employment & career; and relationships.
  • Ways that anyone and everyone can personally join in the struggle to reduce abortion & create better lives and choices for all. In addition to listing resources on the above topics, we regularly post doable, practical action alerts in our Blog and offer pages on eco-friendly living and on ways to give life other than(or in addition) being a biological and/or social parent oneself.

We offer the Directory in the hope and (interfaith, nonsectarian, secular) belief that:

All lives matter, born and unborn.

Women have the human right to make their own nonviolent (voluntary, fully informed, nonabortion, abortion-reducing) sexual and reproductive choices.

Humankind at every level, from the individual to the global, must secure and protect women’s free exercise of this right, and the ability of women and children, born and unborn, to live their whole lives in safety, dignity, and respect.

Please send us any questions, comments, and topic or website recommendations through the All Our Lives contact form. And please, if you have not visited and read these before, read our Terms of Use (below) before going into the Directory.

Terms of Use

While it may still be helpful to you, the Nonviolent Choice Directory is not itself a social service agency or health care provider. We can supplement but cannot substitute for treatment and advice from qualified, credentialed health care workers such as a physician or social worker.

Are you in a situation where you and/or someone else face(s) immediate harm? Please call the appropriate local emergency services number for help.

In most US and Canadian locations, that’s 911 (for hearing-impaired/TTY users as for anyone else.) And many European Union member countries such as Poland use 112 as at least one of their emergency numbers. The right number may be in your local phone book, or here: Worldwide Emergency Telephone Numbers, maintained by FIESTA, the Filipino International Emergency Services Training Association. If you or a loved one are feeling suicidal, you may want to contact Befrienders Worldwide, who “listen to people who are in distress. We don’t judge them or tell them what to do – we listen.”

The Nonviolent Choice Directory is a free information service. Unless otherwise stated, please do not mistake an advertiser’s appearance on the site for its endorsement of all or any of the positions represented here.

The Nonviolent Choice Directory takes care in selecting the resources that it lists and reviews. Yet we cannot be held responsibile for the words or actions of any resource we list. Nor can any of our listed resources be held responsible for our words or actions.

Absolute privacy and security are not possible anywhere online. However, to the fullest extent permitted by US and state law and reasonable security precautions, the Nonviolent Choice Directory will never intentionally disclose visitors’ identities.

Our Policy on Abortion: The Nonviolent Choice Directory welcomes visitors of all opinions on abortion, whether or not you agree with our position. We do understand that thoughtful, compassionate people have deeply heartfelt reasons for disagreeing, and that women consider and have abortions for very serious reasons. A lot of common ground and useful information is to be found here; please explore! We simply want to be upfront with you that we do not list, refer for, or accept advertisements for abortion services. We are here to be part of the solution instead!

We do list organizations that advocate abortion rights if their main focus is on common-ground measures that in effect or by intent reduce abortion. The same is true for organizations that have a neutral position on abortion. We list abortion-opposing organizations only if they truly merit the name “prolife”–that is, the precious lives of abortion providers, and those of women and already-born children, matter as much to them as those of unborn humans.

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