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Plan B Misinformation Has Real-Life Consequences for Rape Victims

Elise Hilton is the mother of an intellectually and psychiatrically disabled young woman who was recently raped. As Meghan discussed in a recent post, women with disabilities are at pronounced risk for sexual abuse and assault.

It fell upon Hilton to decide whether or not her daughter should take Plan B emergency contraception. As reports, Hilton decided against Plan B for her daughter on the grounds that the drug may "take the life of an innocent child."

But up to date, correct scientific information about Plan B probably could have saved Hilton a lot of her agony over this decision and alleviated her fears of endangering a very young grandchild. Levonorgestrel type emergency contraceptives work entirely before conception. In fact, they have no possible mechanism for hindering implantation or otherwise working after sperm meets egg.

How often do rape victims and their loved ones suffer unnecessarily because of the myths out there-spread by prolifers and prochoicers alike-about emergency contraception and how it does and doesn't work? How many unintended pregnancies and abortions happen?

We wish Hilton and her daughter healing. We call for people to rise up against the rape and abuse of human beings with disabilities and bring an end to it. And we will work all the more to replace misinformation about Plan B with the facts that rape survivors and their loved ones need and deserve to know in the midst of a crisis.

2 thoughts on “Plan B Misinformation Has Real-Life Consequences for Rape Victims”

  1. Marysia, thank you so much for posting this. I was horrified when I saw that. I've been trying to get the truth out in the comments of the article that was linked from that one, but the misinformation runs very deep. I'm so sad for her daughter and the whole family. This whole thing is a horrible ordeal, and not having correct information just makes it that much worse.

  2. Bravo.  Your compassion and zeal for providing proven information has lifted my heart.  Let us only hope that Elise will learn, and that her daughter will not suffer much more for this.

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