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Two Media Appearances for All Our Lives–With Problematic Labels

On Truthout, Eleanor J. Bader favorably mentions All Our Lives in her article Criminalizing Pregnancy: How Feticide Laws Made Common Ground for Pro- and Anti-Choice Groups.

Although…it would be nice not to be called “anti-choice.” It’s not what we call ourselves, and in fact we are about creating and expanding other and better choices than abortion. “Anti-choice” suggests a categorical opposition to women’s self-determination. It does not fit us.

Daily Cloudt, a new activism platform, is running as its lead story an article I wrote about why All Our Lives, in contrast to Feminists for Life, works for family planning freedom. Unfortunately, the site put a title and a summary on the article that are more antagonistic than I wanted them to be.

Probably it is better to be heard under a problematic label than not to be heard at all. Maybe someday. Though today would be preferable.