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All Our Lives at the Pax Christi conference

Co-founder Mary Krane Derr staffed a booth for Consistent Life (of which All Our Lives is a member organization) at the Pax Christi conference July 16-18. While there, she also took the opportunity to inform conference-goers about All Our Lives. She reports:

I staffed a table for Consistent Life at the national conference of the Catholic peace group Pax Christi USA, held in Chicago the weekend of July 16.  Pax Christi is a longtime endorser of CL, so I did not expect to get into a lot of arguments.  Indeed, most people who stopped by the table told me that they advocated a consistent life ethic approach in their work. This was not, they said, because they wanted to to de-emphasize abortion, but because life issues are numerous and deeply interconnected, and all of them matter greatly. Many expressed interest in CL's newest member group, All Our Lives, which advocates women's right to make nonviolent sexual and reproductive choices.

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  1. Thanks, Jen. A lot of Catholic peaceniks seem to question their church officialdom's attitudes towards gender–such doctrines as the ban on contraception and on ordaining women–while being open to a consistent life ethic.  I hope All Our Lives can appeal to people from a wide range of religions and philosophies, including this one.

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