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Call for submissions: This Bridge Called My Baby: Legacies of Radical Mothering

Via flip flopping joy comes a call for submissions for a book titled "This Bridge Called My Baby: Legacies of Radical Mothering."  The proposal is long, so please click over to FFJ to read the whole thing, but here's the kind of submission they're looking for:

We invite submissions including but not limited to the following possibilities:

* Manifestas, group poems, letters, mission statements from your crew of radical mamas or an amazing group from history
* Letters, poems, transcribed phone calls between radical mamas supporting each other
* Accounts of your experience as a radical mama
* Your experience raising children as a trans mother or parent
* Raising children in a transphobic world
* Your experiences as a single mother
* Raising genderfree babies
* Stories of resilience and oppression as welfare warriors
* Reflections on enacting radical mamacity at different ages
* Motivations for/obstacles in your practice of radical mothering
* Conversations with your kids
* Rants and rages via the eloquence of a mother-wronged
* Your experience of radical grandmothering
* Parenting children through radically queer and loving modes of support, community, belonging and resilience
* Your take on reproductive justice
* Parenting from inside prison
* Extended family (both biological and chosen)
* Life as a disabled parent
* Your experience parenting as a teenager
* Raising Boys
* Gender socialization and Parenting
* Raising Biracial children
* Raising First World children
* Self-interviews, interviews with other mamis
* Birthing experiences
* Ending child sexual abuse
* Mothering as survivors (survival and mothering)
* Mothering with and without models
* Mothering and domination
* Mama to-do lists
* Mama/kid collaborations
* Radical fathering
* Overcoming shame and silence in the practice of radical mothering
* Ambivalence, paradox, emotions, vulnerability
* Experiences of state violence/CPS
* Balancing daily survival
* Loss of children, not living with children, custody arrangements and issues
* Sharing your stories from where you live
* Everything we haven’t thought of yet! Take a deep breath and WRITE!!!!

This anthology will center the writing of mothers of color, low income mothers and marginalized mothers. [emphasis added -jr] If you have any further questions, feedback, suggestions feel free to contact us as well.

All Our Lives members and supporters have unique insights into many of these topics; please consider sharing them with the world!