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Extremist who planned to kill abortion provider arrested

Last week, police in Madison, Wisconsin arrested Ralph Lang after he accidentally discharged a firearm in his hotel room.

Lang told police that he planned to go to a Planned Parenthood abortion clinic the following morning to find the doctor who was doing the abortions and shoot him in the head, the complaint said.


A nurse at Planned Parenthood in Madison said she is familiar with Lang, and that she saw him outside the facility last week, according to the complaint. Lang was arrested in 2007 outside Planned Parenthood, telling an officer at the time that the "Bible states that anyone involved in abortion should be executed."

In Lang's motel room, officers found a U.S. map with dots in each state and handwritten words above the northern U.S. border that said "some abortion centers," the complaint said. Also written on the map were the words "Blessed Virgin Mary says Hell awaits any woman having an abortion. Nurse or doctor who helps will one (sic)."

All Our Lives wholly rejects the use of violence against abortion providers, and we are relieved that Mr. Lang was discovered and arrested before he could harm anyone.

2 thoughts on “Extremist who planned to kill abortion provider arrested”

  1. Have you ever seen the HBO documentary on "Army of God"? Pretty freaking scary.

  2. No, I've never seen that. I've seen clips from it, though, and it does look scary.

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