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Faux Life

What was John Boehner, the new Republican Speaker of the US House, thinking when he met with Randall Terry, recognizing him as a "prolife" leader?! Boehner has remarked before that while working as a kid in his family's tavern, he learned to deal with any character who came in the door. Well, there's a reason why taverns let in all manner of folks but still see fit to *bounce* some of those who come in the door. Why didn't Boehner show Terry the door?! Randall Terry is FAUX-LIFE. He is guilty of multiple, systematic behaviors that disrespect people's lives, including the sacred lives of his own gay son, pregnant daughters, and unborn grandchildren. His responses to violence against abortion providers are chilling as well. Please send an email of protest to John Boehner's office.

3 thoughts on “Faux Life”

  1. Boehner was a keynote speaker at the National Right to Life Committee conference in June, which I attended.  He knows who the real leaders of the pro-life movement are.  If he had just consulted with the NRLC, I'm sure they would have told him that Terry was bad news.  What a stupid move on Boehner's part.

    I have never met Randall Terry and have no desire to do so.  The closest I ever came to an encounter with him was at the March for Life last year.  I was walking alongside a mainstream pro-life leader, who pointed him out.  He was on the edge of the path, hawking some book over a loudspeaker.

  2. From the first time I hear dof him, I felt Terry was a dangerous fraud.

    I wonder if Boehner is somehow blinded to Terry's misogyny, LGBT phobia, et al because he himself does not have a good record on these issues?

    And just curious–I don't keep up with NRLC, but what are they doing now to alleviate the root causes of abortion? How much of their conference was devoted to that subject, or was it all about illegalization?

  3. At one time Randal Terry had a good message but that was soooooo very long ago. It is a shame that he has become so hate filled and has not been a very good example for Life.

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