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#LifeMatters blog/social media carnival, August 23-26

In response to the Feminist Majority Foundation’s #AbortionMatters blog carnival, Life Matters Journal is sponsoring a #LifeMatters tweetfest/blogfest.

HOW: Make your profile picture one of the #LifeMatters tweetfest/blogfest images we share, to stand in solidarity for life! Then post early and often with the #LifeMatters hashtag on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Instagram, your blogs — however you can spread the message! We want the media to know that our message is one based in human rights, sound science, and solid ethics. That only by laying a foundation based on the respect for life and dignity of each and every human being can we ever hope for a future peace.

All Our Lives will be participating, and we’d like to encourage our supporters to do so as well. In particular, it would be great to see posts/tweets/etc that really engage with the reasons that people give as to why abortion matters to them.

Bodily integrity matters. The ability to plan childbearing matters. Mothers’ health matters. Having enough resources to care for one’s kids matters. How can we best honor those values while maintaining a commitment to sustaining everyone’s life, before and after birth?