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Protecting life in Nebraska

Something very encouraging is happening in Nebraska.

The anti-abortion group Nebraska Right to Life sent a letter to six State Senators yesterday urging them to support a bill restoring prenatal care to babies with undocumented mothers. In the open letter, the group’s executive director, Julie Schmit-Albin, wrote, “It is sad and alarming that we have come to this point where some of the major pro-life leaders in the Legislature are choosing to put the illegal immigration issue and who pays for what, over the life and health of babies in the womb.”

The letter went on to point out that these six senators had all likely made statements in the past about the "necessity of protecting innocent human life from fertilization on."

Can I get an "indeed"?

A little background on the situation in Nebraska: In 2010, Nebraska specifically prohibited undocumented immigrants from receiving free prenatal care provided by the state to low-income women. Pro-life groups in Nebraska have been part of the coalition to remove the prohibition, arguing that respect for life in the womb doesn't cease to matter because of who the child's mother is. I think it's great to see principles and compassion trumping partisanship here.

A few moments ago, the Nebraska legislature passed LB 599, which restores funding for pre-natal care for all low-income mothers and their unborn children regardless of immigration status. The bill will now go to Governor Dave Heineman, who has threatened a veto. Babies Born Healthy is holding a vigil at 5pm tonight at the Nebraska State Capitol to urge him to sign the bill.