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How is this pro-life? Just … how?

Has anyone seen this? Is it as horrific as it sounds?

(Teaneck, NJ) On June 4 at 4pm, New Jersey Republican State Senate candidate, Kenneth Del Vecchio, is doing the unthinkable for a Hollywood filmmaker: he is premiering THE LIFE ZONE, a psychological thriller about abortion—a film, which turns out to be PRO-LIFE. This certain controversial flick premieres at Hoboken International Film Festival – in Teaneck – one of the nation's largest film festivals, which Del Vecchio founded and chairs.


The controversial premise of THE LIFE ZONE: three women have been kidnapped from abortion clinics and are being held for seven months—until they all give birth. The film, which appears to cut right down the middle, examining the topic from both sides, offers a powerful, anti-abortion climactic twist.

That would have to be some twist. Here's the trailer. The actual, claims-to-be-official, apparently-not-a-parody trailer. I wouldn't recommend watching it if you have triggers that are in any way related to women being victimized.



I don't say this often, but I'm with the YouTube commenters on this one.

srsly youtube we need a wtf-button

This is supposed to be a Pro-life movie? Sure looks more like a Planned Parenthood propaganda piece.

HOW is this supposed to end up pro-life? (Apparently there's a pro-life twist at the end from what I hear and that's the aim of it and the note they want to end on). It makes pro-lifers look like freakish religious psycopaths.

Honestly though? I thought it was a pro-CHOICE film presenting pro-lifers in a horrible light. A underhanded tactic to try to get pro-choicers to watch it perhaps?

I don't see how we're supposed to empathsise with the kidnappers. They're monsters in this.

Let's make a movie that portrays pro-lifers as villainous kidnappers, and portrays unwanted pregnancy as a horrific, traumatic, and painful experience. That'll convince 'em to not have abortions!

Anybody else getting a "Human Centipede" vibe from this?

(If you don't know what the last comment is referring to — you don't want to know.)

I thought trailers were supposed to make you think, "I've got to see that movie!", not "Holy shit, this was made by psychopaths!" I'm trying to imagine what kind of "twist" the movie could end with to make it have a genuinely pro-life message, but I just don't see how you get there from here. I'd love to hear from anybody who's seen it.