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What Many Religious Groups Need to Learn

PBS TV in the US is airing a fascinating documentary. The Calling follows seven different young adult Americans as they become clergy in their different religions.

One is Jeneen Robinson, a now-ordained pastor in the African Methodist Episcopal (A.M.E.) Church. "The Calling" shows Robinson as she prepares for the ministry and single mothers her young son, who has asthma. His father left them during the pregnancy.

Robinson's denomination does not bar her from the clergy because she is a single mother. Rather, she is praised for the "courage and fortitude" she has shown as one.

Hopefully more religious groups will learn something about respect for all lives from the encouragement and affirmation offered to Jeneen Robinson. In the name of "Godliness," too many single pregnant and parenting women have been hounded, ostracized, branded morally depraved, blocked from the exercise of their gifts.